Flash Marketing System

FMS, Flash Marketing System, is an online marketing tool that is easy to set up on your brand website to capture and convert direct traffic into revenue!


Why FMS?

  • Instantaneous Result - Converting Website Traffic to Bookings.
  • Reduce Commission and Heighten Profit Margin
  • Reward Your (Loyal) Guest!
  • Automated State of The Art Marketing System
  • Captivate your web visitors on any devices (mobile, tablet and desktops)
  • Exclusive Deals and Offers
  • Easy to implement and Simple to use.

Use FMS to tap on to the opportunities:


Use FMS as an integrated Online Advertising Tool that offers attractive deals designed with

conversions in mind. Differentiate your brand's exclusive deals from competitors' and use your

FMS content to help visitors make their purchase decision.



FMS captivates mobile users - 40% or more site traffic comes from mobile. 

  • FMS enables you as a hotelier to increase profitability through exclusive rate offers.
  • Example:
    • Sell an exclusive offer on your brand website. The offer can be filtered for viewership by countries, controlled with time setting (time limit offers) and available on selected platforms (e.g. last minute deal on mobile site).



  1. Increase Brand Website Contribution factors.
  2. Exclusive Offers, Last Minute Deals and Special Promotions at your finger tips.
  3. Improve conversion.
  4. Improve Look To Book Ratio.
  5. Track Click Through Rates and Effectiveness.
  6. Enable targeting of regional markets via your brand website.
Bundle Of Benefits by Deploying Flash Marketing System:
  • Financial benefits
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Cost benefits
  • Optimal Revenue Management
  • Creative Promotion
  • Real Time Activation
  • Real Time Tracking